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Q) What must I bring to my first new patient appointment?

A) It is very important for all patients currently on a pain medicine regimen to bring in all current pain medications in their original bottles. We also ask that you bring your driver's license, insurance card, co-payment and any medical records that have not already been faxed.

Q) How soon can a new patient be seen?

A) New Patient appointments vary due to location, provider availability, and the patient's schedule. Because this is a pain management practice, we make every effort to see the patient as soon as possible, appointments can be scheduled as soon as 24 to 48 hours after the referral has been received and reviewed.

Q) Will I receive a prescription for medications on my new patient appointment?

A) Harborside Spine & Sports Center must perform appropriate and required diligence to investigate each patient's claim regarding their medication prescriptions. This process will require confirmation of the medication regimen with the original prescriber of the medication. Documentation regarding the data of the most recent prescriptions(s) with the number prescribed and any refills noted will be reviewed. Issues of previous noncompliance with narcotics or medications prescribed will need to be reviewed.